Wagangera fort

Wagangera fort is situated on Shorapur hill range. In fact Wagangera was a power center in the pre-Nizam times. During Nizam rule, administration was shifted to Surpur. Present day Wagangera village is nestled between a large hill and a hillock. The main fort is on the large hill and the hillock also has fortifications which would have little more than a watch tower. Now I’m on the larger hill, looking towards the mantapa in front of the main fort’s gateway. That mantapa might have been the place where the king would sit and watch over the lake below.

Is located 24 km south west of shahapur. The fort is from the period of Surapur Nayakas A.D 1806. It got its name Vandurga owing to it being surrounded by forest. The large gateways of the fort have high semi-circular Vanadurga originally the name tells us Vana + durga = Forest + Fort fort its was said that the fort was lying in between the thick forest. As now there is no forest but only a heap of agricultural fields, lies in the vanadurga village in Shahpur taluk of Yadgiri district. The fort was built by shorapur dynasty the village lies in west to shahapur and north shorapur


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YADGIR TO Shorapur 24 km south west of shahapur.