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Yadgir located northern part of Karnataka. Yadagiri District is geographically, historically, religiously and culturally rich and diverse.   It has fertile black corrton soil and the plains of the river Krishna and Bhima have provided suitable envrion for human habitation.  Remains belonging to the pre-historic period have been found in places Hunasagi, Budihal,  Rajan koulur, etc.  Stone Age rock bruising and paintings are found in Balichkra.  The district also abounds in rich architecture of different periods and reigns of various dynasties.  Temples, Basadis, Buddhist centres, Mosques and Churches are the places of attraction.  A wide range of landscapes, mountains, rivers, ponds waterfalls are heavens boon to the land.

Chand Huseni darga


Gogi Is a place of historical importance. located 12 km from Shahapur. Gogi  popularly known for Chanda Hussaini Dargha.  Mir…


Siddalingeshwar Temple

Siddalingeshwar Temple It is a panchakuta temple with four separate ”garbhagruha” An intricate architecture model which is arranged in four…


Shiravala The South Varanasi

Shiravala The South Varanasi Is a place of historical importance situated at 15 k. m. from Shahaspur and about 2…


Taylor Manzil

Taylor Manzil (Bungalow) British officer Philip Meadows Taylor in 1840 he builds a huge well known techniques Bungalow of its…

Venugopalaswami Temple

Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur

Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur: Venugopalaswami Temple constructed by Raja Pitambar bahari Pidda Nayaka (1693-1726) in 1705 nearby beautiful Devara bhavi,  is…



Yevur located 32 km north-east of Surapur. In 11-12th centuries Kalyana Chalukya’s 22 and 2 of Kalachuris inscription are reported…


Basavasagar Dam

Basavasagar Dam situated 22 km from Surapur. Dam constructed to river Krishna. It’s boon to Yadagiri and neighbour districts. It…

Bonal Bird Sanctuary Shorapur taluk of Yadgir district

Bonal Bird Sanctuary

The second largest bird sanctuary after Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary is bird sanctuary and wetland near Bonal village in the Shorapur…


Wagangera fort

Wagangera fort is situated on Shorapur hill range. In fact Wagangera was a power center in the pre-Nizam times. During…

Sleeping Budha

Sleeping Buddha hill

Sleeping Buddha hill, made up of four hills look like “Sleeping Buddha”.  This is nature’s gift and popular attraction of…