Places of Interest


A famous temple of Shri Mailapur Mailarlingeshwar in Yadgir Taluka. The temple attracts lakhs of devotees every year in “Makara Sankramana” from all over the State.


Sleeping Budha, Shahapour Yadgir

On the way from Gulbarga to Bangalore near by Shahapur at the right side the self manifested hill seems to give an image of the lord Budha as he were in the sleeping posture across the hill. Hence it is said to be identified as sleeping Budha on the hills of Shahapur. It even draw the attention of many staunch devotees of Budhism across the world.



The Nayaks of Shorapur, who ruled with Shorapur as headquarter from 1639 to 1857 have left an indelible mark on the history of the region. The last ruler of Shorapur Principality Raja Venkatappa Nayak fought against British to avoid their inference in the internal affairs of his principality. The Nayaks of Shorapur built Shorapur city with two palaces and earlier to these, a fort was in Vaginagera, which was ruined by the attack of Moghal Empire Aurangajeb. Col Philip Meadows Taylor, a British Political agent who was commissioned to look after the Shorapur Principality, Constructed a circuit house called ‘Taylor’s Manjil’ during his sojourn in Shorapur on the hill top, which is now a center of attraction.


wandadurga fort 3

This fort which is 24 km distant from Shahapur has a dense forest around it. As it has been covered by the forest, it got the name ‘Vanadurga’ [The fort of the forest]. Both sides of the entrance gate have a Sanskrit inscription of five lines in Devanagari script. This fort was tributed by Piddanayaka, the king of Surpur to his beloved queen Venkammamba. Though this fort has huge entrance gates, it also has half moon shaped walls which made the enemies got puzzled. Inside the fort the remains of the rooms of the guards and of the officers can be seen.




dam yadgir

In the year 1962 then the prim minister Sree Lal Bhaddur Shastri laid foundation stone for Narayanpur Dam. And its blue print was drawn or designed by the Balakundre. It has right and left cannels and it has provides irrigation facilities for 106.000 hectors land.





Tinthini Mouneshwar Temple Surpur

It is shrine it is located 20km distance south to Shorapur it previously it was a Agrahar (Education Center) during the period of Vikramiditya 6th and it was an ancient temple called as a Dakshina Kashi it attracts both Hindu and Muslim devotees.






It is shrine it is located 20km distance south to Shorapur it previously it was a Agrahar (Education Center) during the period of Vikramiditya 6th and it was an ancient temple called as a Dakshina Kashi it attracts both Hindu and Muslim devotees.


Village Kodekal Comes in Shorapur Taluka in Yadagir Dist. Kodekal Basawanna is well known as a saint of truth. He wrote Kala Gnana it means future happening things, the place of Pyati Gudi where he wrote the Kala Gnana.



This village which was called by various names as ‘Srivolalu’, ‘Sirivolalu’, ‘Dakshina Kashi’, ‘Dharmadha Mane’, ‘Adi Pattana’ in ancient inscriptions which belonged to Sagara Nadu. This village was as old as the Shathavahana dynasty. The inscriptions of Shiravala and the surrounding villages state that, this village had the temples of the Kadambeshwara, the Eraheshwara, the Chatteshwara, the Shanthishwara, the Mahadeva and so on. But now these temples cannot be identified exactly. Today there are approximately twenty temples in the village. Among them, the temple complex of Nagaiah and Nannaih is the oldest.At the sanctum are the statues of the Shivalinga, where three branched design at the doors with the Goddess Gaja Laxmi at the centre is found. The large pillars of the Navaranga are more attractive. The ventilator with the beautiful design of Shivathandava is natable. Beside the shivalinga, there is a four and half feet talled statue of eight armed Harihara. Harihara has a Thrishula and an arrow in his right hands and a wheel, a conch, a bow and a mace in his left hands which made the statue different.

Syed Chanda Husain

The famous durga of syed chanda hussain durga was famous durga in shahapur taluka. It is attrackts lakhs together devotees in the urus

Sofi Sarmast durga

The famous sofi sarmast durga is in Shahapur taluka village called sagar. The durga attracts thousands of people in the urus of sofi sarmast.

Bheemarayan Gudi (B.Gudi)

A famous temple of Bhalabhima sena . In SHAHAPUR Taluk. The temple attractions Laksh together devotees every year in Sankramana In January.


A famous temple of Vishwaradhya in Yadgri taluk. The temple attractions Lakhs together devotees every year in Shivarathri in February-March.


Taylor Manzil (Bungalow) :-

Taylor Manzil (Bungalow) British officer Philip Meadows Taylor

Taylor Manzil (Bungalow)

British officer Philip Meadows Taylor in 1840 he builds a huge well known techniques Bungalow of its construction, there are four rooms many as 27 doors!!. When any door of the building is closed or opened all the doors begin to shake