District Electrol Officer, Yadgir

Election Related Complaints can be registered through 24X7 service Call centre 08473-253772

The site has primarily been made to improve communication between the electors of Yadgir district and the District Election Office. It provides adequate and relevant information about the office of the District Electoral Officer and the various activities conducted by the department. Various important information are also available on the site for download purposes. Democracy allows people to speak their minds and shape their own and the future of the nation.It is a privilege given by the election commission of India to every citizen who is eligible to be a part of the electoral process and choose our representatives in the governing bodies to bring stability in the nation. I appeal that the registration of new voters is very important but equally important is that the parents and family members must come forward in letting their children get voters identification cards who have reached the age of 18 years and thus fulfill their responsibility.