Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur

Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur:

Venugopalaswami Temple constructed by Raja Pitambar bahari Pidda Nayaka (1693-1726) in 1705 nearby beautiful Devara bhavi,  is one of the Surapur Nayaks worthy structures. It has a beautiful and attractive stucco sculptures.The annual fair takes place on  Gokulastami. People flock here to witness the spilling of Niru-Okuli from the top of a 35 feet high.

Again close to Venugopalaswamy shrine is a partially built temple. As you see construction has been abandoned while walls were being built. The space between the two half built walls was meant for Garbhagriha and the circle would have been the center of Sabha Mantapa. Also there was a large collection of semi-finished beams and columns, all meant for this temple. I guess Wagangera was a feudatory of Vijayanagara empire and this temple was being constructed then. Looks like- after the fall of Vijayanagara at Talikoti battle all temple constructions were halted.

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  • Venugopalaswami Temple
    Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur

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52 KM from Yadgir and is in Surapur